My Valentine

Marriage is not a noun; it’s a verb. It isn’t something you get. It’s something you do. It’s the way you love your partner every day. Barbara De Angelis

I feel very blessed at every day that Roger loves me. And I can honestly say that I love him every single day.  No more so than the last week.

We participated in the Truck Stop Belize “Not So Newlywed” game this past Sunday with eight other couples in  pre-Valentines weekend festivities. It was totally my idea and Roger went along with it. I went into the game feeling very confident of the depths of our knowledge of each other. So much so, that I called friends to come and watch us win the big prize. There was no way that we could be stumped.  We got this!

Fast forward to the end of the game where we came in next to last place. He didn’t know the color of my underwear(Black) and I did not know which of my girlfriends he found most attractive(Alisa), etc.  But I have no doubts what so ever that I know this man and he knows me and what is important to me. And it was a load of fun to participate and I am going to study for next years game. The winners were a lovely couple that have been married for 45 years and got almost every single question with all of the details correct. Squad goals.

That said, I think that a good judge of a man is by how he treats his mother and family, but a better judge of a man is how he treats his in-laws. I have heard so many times by friends or co-workers,”Ugh, my in-laws are visiting” like it was something to endure, like going for a colonoscopy. Or having a root canal.  My darling husband is as happy to see my family as I am to see his. They’re my family too! And vice versa.

A recent piece of evidence is the visit here in Belize by my sister.  Betsy has had a very difficult past year in the loss of her beloved husband Jake.  He passed suddenly several months ago and we were thrilled to have her as our first guest here in San Pedro. I was thrilled to show her all of our favorite places, but Roger made it a fantastic experience for her.  It meant a lot to him that she have an amazing vacation from reality and my love for him grew even more.  We went sailing on No Rush and to the “Secret Beach” and to a concert. We ate at all of our favorite places  and played trivia (twice). The two of them went to paint-n-splash and created paintings. I was so happy to have my beloved sister here and Roger loved it as much as I did. He truly loves my entire family. And I adore his.

Roger and Betsy in the Caribbean.

Years ago when we were dating, my mother visited me for the winter in San Diego. This had become a yearly tradition that she would spend the cold Pennsylvania winter with me and my boys.And truth be told, having a built in grandma and baker was pretty cool. In the winter of 2001, she met my new boyfriend Roger.  After a night of her fabulous cooking and a bit of wine, I invited him to stay over against his better judgement. He was in a full foot cast and I thought driving was not prudent at this point, and we are middle aged grown-ups.

In the morning I had to go off to work and left the poor guy with my mother. She made him a great breakfast (Pancakes) and then gave him the third degree “What are your intentions with my daughter?”

What ever he said to her, she was won over and told me I was going to marry this man. She adored him as I did and I was thrilled that she was at our wedding a couple of years later. She passed away a year after we married. That ordeal, traveling back and forth between San Diego and West Virginia was very taxing but my honey took such good care of me.  At the end we were traveling on a friends (the afore-mentioned Alisa) companion passes to go back and forth. Those basically put you on stand-by, and we got stuck going and coming in Chicago overnight. Going home for the last time we were stuck in Pittsburgh for the entire day. We had three meals at the TGIFridays at the airport. We then got trapped at O’Hare again overnight. I knew that this was the last time that I was going to see my Mom and was not in the best shape traveling.  My Roger took such great care of me during this emotional journey and I can never repay him.

She passed away ten years ago last November and that December was  the first time we came to Belize to attend the wedding of our great friends Mark and Tamala. I think our future was cast at that time. We fell in love with the country and the wonderful people here. We started at least in the back of our minds to plan our eventual migration here.  After ten years of saving and planning, here we are!

We arrived last October after years of planning and saving a nest egg, to our dream destination and it has been as wonderful as we had imagined it to be. We are living the life of our dreams and enjoying every minute of it.

Dancing with my baby on the Beach!

Thank You my darling Roger for taking this journey with me and being by my side all along the way.  Through thick and thin you have always been there and I will always be there for you.

Happy Valentines Day! I Love You!


Written by Tripping Vagabonds

Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer, Member International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance

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