Marching For The Beautiful Belize Barrier Reef!

While a bunch of my friends in the U.S. were marching today all over the country, Roger and I were marching in Belize for a very different cause. We attended a peaceful march through San Pedro Town with The Belize Coalition to Save our Natural Heritage and Oceana Belize. This was organized to protest off shore seismic testing and oil exploration in protected areas in the Caribbean Sea. Massive oil exploration concessions have been granted throughout the country of Belize — including in marine reserves and national parks. Offshore drilling of this magnitude would be devastating to Belize’s tourism and fishing industry, our marine food security and the viability of coastal communities. Oceana believes the process should be transparent, with input from all relevant parties and the general public. The island of Ambergris Caye, where we live, depends on tourism that is centered on the beautiful reef and the sea life around it.

This is an excellent video from Oceana that shows you a peek at this beautiful ecosystem

We met up at Central Park at Ten AM this morning to get organized for the march. They had tee shirts for everyone as well as literature to pass out while we marched. We got situated pretty quickly and it was a very hot day! Fortunately Estel’s was right there with an ice cold Bloody Mary! Now I’m ready to march.


. The group headed out at 11:00 and marched down Front Street, Caribena Street, then down the length of Middle Street and looped back around on Front Street back to the park. It was a very peaceful and dignified protest that I was proud to be a part of. After the march, the group posed for the No Oil aerial shot, speakers from the different industries and the coalition talked about what damage seismic testing could do to the fragile reef system and all of the lives that depended on it. Food and beverages were available as well. A very satisfying way to spend a Saturday.

I encourage you to go to the Oceana Belize Website for more information.  Protected Means Protected and No Means No!


Written by Tripping Vagabonds

Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer, Member International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance

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