New Year’s Day and Bucketlust!

It’s been a busy New Year’s weekend here on the island. On Friday afternoon along with our great friends Ed and Shirley, we joined the San Pedro Poker Run (North).  The San Pedro Poker Run (North) is a poker tour of the following: Coco Loco’s Beach Bar, Feliz Bar, Pirate’s Treasure, The Truck Stop, and Paco’s Tiki Bar in golf carts. A great deal of fun and to cap it off nicely, I won the pot along with three other people with four 4’s! I won enough to pay our buy-in and bar tab with a little left over. Sweet!

It was a beautiful afternoon with a great group of people! Thanks @pokerrunbelize for a fantastic event.

On New Year’s Eve there were a multitude of big parties around town. The largest of those was held at Central Park with midnight fireworks. Not being late night people, we opted to lay low and watch the fireworks from our veranda. I made us a dinner of Belizean Stew Chicken with rice and beans with some warm sugar cookies for dessert. Roger made it til midnight and reported that the show of about a half hour was magnificent. Alas, I didn’t make it and fell asleep at about ten o’clock. I wanted to wake up feeling good on New Year’s Day!

New Year’s Eve at Central Park courtesy of the San Pedro Sun

There were several parties that I wanted to attend on New Year’s Day starting with our very favorite breakfast spot, Estels Dine By The Sea. As it turns out the day was glorious sunny and warm with a nice breeze and blue skies.

It was their 25th Anniversary party and we wanted to stop by and congratulate them. As we were walking out the door I got a call from our good friends Newell and Cheryl asking about our plans for the day. Since they were looking towards the same kind of agenda as we were, we made plans to meet up at Estel’s and have a hearty breakfast and some of the best Bloody Mary’s on the island. As always, totally scrumptious bacon and eggs with my favorite fry jacks.  Charles the restaurant owner was outside grilling up some barbeque for the afternoon party and the band was getting set up. We resolved to head on down the road and return later in the day when the party was rocking.

Next stop Crazy Canucks Beach Bar just south of town. Canucks is where Roger and I go each Thursday for Paint n Splash and his walking group meets there each Wednesday. It’s become one of our regular hangouts on the island.  The owner, Rob was telling us about a yacht flotilla that was coming in for a New Year’s Day party and it was going to be huuuge. The name of the group is Bucketlust, a global community of explorers, adventurers and party unicorns crowdfunding the ultimate weeklong experiences in the most epic and untravelled locations on the planet. They will be on the island for two days. We got there at about one o’clock and they were getting bars and tables set up on the beach. There were 18 Catamarans with a couple hundred people on their way. A couple of the boats sailed by as we sat at the bar chatting with Rob and his lovely wife Krista. He invited us to come back for what he called “The Shitshow”. They also had a band setting up for what had the potential to be the biggest party on the island. We had a beer or two there and then set forth to the Palapa Bar and Grill New Year Hangover Party.

The new bigger and better Palapa Bar was jumping when we got there and there were people sunning on the dock and lounging in the tubes enjoying the picture postcard day.  Ran into lots of friends there and had Scott the owner fix us up with some superb Bloody Mary’s from their Sunday Bad Ass Bloody Bar.  Great job Scott!  The band was one of our favorites and play a lot of blues and older rock, great bar to spend an afternoon at.

A couple of more stops at Sandy Toes and Wayo’s Beach Bar for a drink. The beach was crowded with local families and kids swimming. I love to see all of the local folks relaxing and having fun, they work so hard to take care of us gringos and always with a smile. Wayo’s is our go to place when we are in town and need a rum punch on the way back north.


Then it was back to Crazy Canucks to check out the progress of the Bucketlust party. All I can say is WOW! The place was insane and filled with the yachters and locals alike. Most of Roger’s walking group was there and I’m sure that the plethora of teeny bikini clad girls had nothing to do with that! The music was thumping and the dancers were bumping. It was a great party that included a beer chugging contest between the local guys and the yacht guys. Yachts 1, Locals 0. Rob and Krista pulled it off beautifully and showed those kids a first class time. They should be really proud of the job that they and their entire crew accomplished. Especially after a late New Years Eve the night before. Kudos to you for showing the best of San Pedro hospitality.

It looks as though our year ahead is going to be just as much fun as the last one!

Written by Tripping Vagabonds

Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer, Member International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance

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