Un-Belizable!!! Cubs Win!!!

On our first visit over ten years ago to Belize, one of the things that stood out was the overwhelming amount of Chicago Cubs memorabilia hanging from every palapa bar and business on the island. Especially at the iconic beach-side bar B.C.s. That’s where we met Carlo and Ernie, local Belizean bartenders that we got to know pretty well in our visits in the coming years. In our chats with the guys we learned that one of the first (pirated) american channels that they were able to get in San Pedro was WGN out of Chicago. All of these guys grew up watching the Cubs and were lifelong fans, as die hard as kids that grew up in Chicago. This is their team!
That brings us to the present day and game seven of the 2016 World Series which turned out to be as dramatic and exciting here in Belize as it was in Cleveland. Since B.C.s was torn down to make way for a luxury condo complex, a sad commentary on the island losing part of it’s laid back charm, Carlo and Ernie opened their own place The Runway Bar next to the San Pedro Airport. After picking up our luggage, it is always our first stop on the island. Knowing their excitement for the team and the series, we decided that Runway was where we wanted to watch game seven. Our good friends Newell and Cheryl joined us on the trip into town for the game. Along with Cooper and Charlie.
The bar was packed and for the first couple of innings we enjoyed the atmosphere and some delicious food and a beer. Then the rain hit. Not some gentle rain but a sheet of water falling from the clouds.Keep in mind that this is an open air structure with no walls.  It brought in a cool breeze though which made the crowded space much more pleasant! The last few days have been quite sweltering and humid without much of a breeze. In about the sixth inning the satellite signal started going in and out . You could close your eyes and know by the sound of the crowd whether the signal was going off or on. In the bottom of the seventh inning the signal failed completely and I thought that there would be a riot. Ernie came to the rescue! He attached a cell phone feed to one of the monitors and we were back in business. Everyone huddled into the one corner to watch one tv, and since there was plenty of cold beer, all was right in the world.
Until the Indians tied up the game. Bottom of the eighth, game seven of a long awaited world series, Cubs ahead, and the power goes out in the storm! After a few minutes of darkness we decided to head back home because the rain had let up a bit. When we left the bar there were multiple groups of people huddled in the darkness around cell phones trying to watch the game. Turns out the entire island was without power and the drive home was very dark.
We managed to make our way up to our third floor condo in the dark and lit some candles. After settling in to a night without power and air conditioning, I checked my phone for a score update to find that the score was tied in the bottom of the ninth. Wow missed that. Then there was a rain delay in Cleveland. How ironic that the delay in Cleveland lasted about as long as our drive home. That is how I finished watching game seven, in bed watching the play by play scoring on my cell phone.
But hey, CUBS WIN!!!!

Written by Tripping Vagabonds

Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer, Member International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance

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