The Great Adventure is About To Begin!

I have been away for awhile and not doing much in the way of travel or blogging. There has been a lot of planning going on though! After all of the years of working and raising a family, taking care of day to day responsibilities and saving for a rainy day we have finally reached that milestone that always seems so far off in the distance. Retirement!  In about two weeks, Roger is going to clear out his office and call it a career. Coincidentally his last day of work is on my birthday, so a big celebration is on the slate for that day.

A lot of folks retire and then wonder what they will do with themselves, we however have been planning this for about four years or more. We are going to travel. Passports are renewed and I have spent the last several months selling our lives a piece at a time on eBay and in the occasional yard sale. Our goal is to get things down to two large suitcases  and the dog (Charlie the Schnoodle) and hit the road.  This weeks chore is to pass out family heirlooms down to the younger generations for safekeeping. The greatest question is who gets the Pheasant?

The pheasant is our most treasured family heirloom, a beautiful piece of art that my Grandmother made at ceramics class in the sixties. Although it is not completely hideous, it is not something that goes with anyone’s decor. My mom and my aunts have taken their turn displaying it and when my mom passed ten years ago it was decided that as the eldest I should have the honor of owning the pheasant. I should add that I was the only one not present when these things were decided. He has graced a shelf in my china cabinet for the last decade and it is with much pleasure that I mull over who to send it to.  Because Grammy made it, you can’t turn it down if it shows up at your doorstep and it must be displayed so that everyone can see it in a place of honor, that’s the rules!


Once we have things here squared away and stored the things we are keeping, we are on the road. Six weeks of traveling around the country visiting family and friends.  Then it’s off to Belize! We are starting off on Ambergris Caye for a six month stay in a beach side condo. Gonna try it on for size.

So now I finish this post and get ready to start on a brand new life of adventure and exploration, I hope you follow along with us.

Til next time! Denise



Written by Tripping Vagabonds

Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer, Member International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance


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