Hot, Cool Texas-San Antonio’s Hill Country

This past week sent me off to San Antonio or more specifically Boerne, Texas to visit my son, daughter in law and the love of my life,next to Mr. Vagabond of course, my 15 month old grandson Dexter! Since this was my first visit since they moved down from Austin, I was anxious to see the lay of the land and explore this section of the great state of Texas. Being a brief trip, from Thursday to Monday, I expected to leave Seattle at 6AM and be in San Antonio at 4PM on Thursday. As much as I love to travel, I am beginning to detest flying anywhere. Mechanical malfunctions and weather delays, hours spent in both the Seattle and Denver airports and a final arrival time at 2AM the next morning made for an extremely long and frustrating day.

The Grandson!

After sleeping in the following day, my son took me on a tour of their neighborhood, Scenic Oaks. The community has a protected deer population and they seem to thrive there. Almost every front yard has a herd of deer in it. It’s a wonder that there is any plant life left!


And if you thought the neighborhood dogs made a mess oof your lawn, imagine these guys.


Within a few blocks, I bet we saw a hundred deer of all ages. A really cool experience and they were totally unafraid of the people around them.

In the evening my son had to work late, so his wife took me and the baby out for dinner to one of the coolest eateries that I have been to in my travels. The Point Park and Eats! Comprised of a central 1940’s rock cottage that houses the craft beer bar and air-conditioned inside seating. You will find it includes a great jukebox and the famous Art-o-Mat machine. Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to beautiful art pieces themselves plus they vend art. The pieces of art you will find in an Art-o-mat® are one of a kind and have been created by artists from across the country. Art-o-mat® machines are located across the U.S. in art galleries, museums, cafe’s, restaurants, art houses and more.   Outside in the middle of a beautiful shady oak grove is a variety of seating choices and a stage for live music.  A covered patio area with twinkling lights hanging from the ceiling and strung through the trees, to picnic tables under the trees, a very comfortable and casual scene. On the front side of the rock house is the outdoor bar service and seating area. The outside bar is surrounded by the hottest food trucks on the scene in San Antonio. With a rotating truck line-up of over 80 trucks, you can find a wide variety of choices. The perfect place to take a toddler out to dinner as there is a large playground area for the kids to play while you relax in the warm breeze with a cold beer.



On day two, we headed to downtown Boerne to stroll along Main Street. There were all sorts of shops to browse in and they all had great air conditioning to cool down for a few minutes before moving along. Everything from high end boutiques to funky resale shops and everything in between. One of my favorites was the Flash Back Funtiques. There you will find a great collection of vintage Coca Cola machines, beer signs, gas pumps and various other memorabilia from a bygone era. There were great historical buildings along the way as well. The Dienger Building that was originally a dry goods srore and home dates back to 1890 and is an impressive limestone structure. There is a restaurant going in right now. Old ranch homes and saloons that have been re-purposed into upscale coffee shops and restaurants. A very charming town to walk through along the Hill Country Mile.

boerne1 boerne3


Written by Tripping Vagabonds

Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer, Member International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance

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