Fryjacks and Flip Flops, how to breakfast Belize style at Estels Dine by the Sea.

Sitting in a molded plastic lawn chair in the uneven sand of the beach patio, sipping a bloody mary or tasty sangria. That’s how to start a San Pedro morning. The warm breezes blowing the napkins around as you wait for the waiter to come and take your order. Don’t be in a hurry because at Estels they are on island time. Relax, you’re on vacation and don’t have to work today anyway. While viewing the spectacular Caribbean morning you will be treated to some of the best food on the island. You can see the reef from your vantage point over the sea. And remember the birds are your friends!


The staff get there early and most of the local dive and tour operators are in attendance in the mornings. You will often find Captain Robbie of Chuck and Robbies Dive Center holding court at one of the large indoor tables.  If you want to go diving or get certified while on vacation, he’s your guy.

We make it a point to visit Estels every time we are in town at breakfast time. Or anyplace close to town for that matter. I often judge a place by its potatoes, cause I love a hearty breakfast and I’m Irish. So potatoes are my thing! . And these are the best in town. And the juices are amazing, fresh, alive with flavor.  The menu is a large chalkboard on the indoor wall, they list all of the choices that will make your breakfast custom fit to you. What kind of meat? Style of eggs, potatoes, beans or fruit, toast or fryjacks. Go for the fryjacks!  A deep fried dough similar to Indian Fry Bread here in the states. Served up with butter and homemade tropical jam or served with beans. Either way, yummy!


Here is a great how to video so that you can make your own at home.  This tutorial is from The Bare Pantry Show and you can learn over one hundred Belizean recipes from her YouTube Channel. Check it out!

Belizean Fry Jack Recipe

Aside from the usual bacon and eggs, Estels also serves delicious breakfast burritos, pancakes and all of your breakfast favorites. Lunch is also available and look for Charles to be firing up the BBQ for a great afternoon treat.  They serve a nice selection of chicken, rice and beans (of course!), burritos, sandwiches, hamburgers, all kinds of goodies. They can also prepare your days catch for you while you relax with a cold Beliken or cocktail on the beach. The nicest family and staff that the island has to offer.


You can find Estels right on the beach just south of Central Park, or phone them at (501) 226-2019

A great gathering place!
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Written by Tripping Vagabonds

Freelance Travel Writer and Photographer, Member International Travel Writers and Photographers Alliance

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